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On the art of leaving with a monkey and arriving with a teacher


Heinz von Förster, the famous philosopher of systemic thinking, already said that school is a trivialisation machine. We learn in school how to give learned answers such as: Two + Two = Four.

But this has nothing to do with creativity. If a student would answer two + two = green, he would immediately receive an insufficient grade.

The school system has become more and more degraded in recent years. Especially at universities, one can no longer speak of teaching in the classical sense. Often, the result is are educational jerks who taught by educational nerds. An incest system reigns. After all, most professors have remained successful by not doing anything practical after university and not having to live off their acquired knowledge (apart from the natural sciences or a few other faculties, where the case is somewhat different).

The history of school is a history of punishment. A literary image includes pupils as well as teachers. Talking about school therefore means talking about representations of power. Friedrich Torberg’s novel „Der Schüler Gerber“ was targeted against the old authorisation-based school system from the times of the fallen monarchy. The novel describes the difficulties of the 19-year-old grammar school pupil Kurt Gerber, who is bullied by the domineering and sadistic Professor Kupfer in the last year before his school-leaving examination. Not only the upcoming graduation, but also his first love and his father’s illness trouble him. To make things worse, he is given Professor Kupfer as head of the class. Kupfer „God Kupfer“ is not well off with Gerber. He teaches mathematics and geometry in Kurt’s class. Mathematics is Kurt’s weakness. Kurt’s pressure to pass the Matura grows. He fails the exam in maths, but otherwise performs reasonably well. While he waits for the exam results, he begins to have doubts about whether he has passed the examination. The doubts become stronger and stronger. He commits suicide. The exam board would have declared him eligible.

Objection is futile! The student is assimilated into a completely rigid educational system. They are already being prepared for this in secondary schools. We do not learn for life, but for the teacher. The teacher is no longer an educator, but an assessor and distributor of grades. After all, grades are meant to scare and not to be used as an orientation aid. This is the impression that has been created in recent decades. How unimportant are the wickedly expensive PISA rankings, which do not improve the system but only increase the pressure to perform. New teaching is needed that lets children and students keep their heads up!

Salvatore Giacomuzzi

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