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Climate Research and the Psychology of Mental Health-Salvatore Giacomuzzi


Climate research as well as psychology are established scientific disciplines. For decades, the results of climate research studies have shown us that our environment is changing in dramatic ways. From the retreat of the glaciers to the contamination of the oceans, humans are plundering nature. Politicians and political systems, however, are very slow to react. This sometimes gives the false impression that all that matters is observing changes in the climate. This is a misconception.

It is becoming increasingly evident that humans are part of nature. It is therefore not only a matter of protecting nature as a whole, but also of understanding ourselves as part of it. When one has mentally achieved this stage, it should become clear that humans themselves are also in a state of change. This is especially triggered by the changed environmental conditions themselves.

In the coming years, therefore, the focus must increasingly be on how the climate affects our mental health. This must lead to increased cooperation between the various scientific disciplines. Scientific results must be increasingly brought together and correlated with one another. There is a massive need to catch up in this regard. Reviews of the environmental compatibility of planned construction projects must also take the human factor into account.

Future climate research must increasingly aim for collaboration between different disciplines in order to be able to correlate the collected results with the human factor. What has long been a tradition in work psychology must be increasingly pursued in this sector in the coming years in order to make the results more visible for our societal developments.

Future climate research must consider the human factor, especially in sensitive areas. The results must be correlated with the social and health conditions of the local residents. In addition, forecasts must be made that include various possible development scenarios. These must be made available to the decision-makers and the population concerned, so that decisions can be based on objective reasons and not on monetary intentions. We need to set the basis for this course of action now, not tomorrow.